W Jewell Strong-Sparks

W Jewell Strong-Sparks

Founder | BiTHOUSE and AgTech FoodTech Summit

Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks is the Global Head of Innovation, Scouting & Inclusion for METRO GROUP.  She scouts globally for innovative solutions and services that may be of value for internal stakeholders, enhance internal processes, and add value to customers. Prior joining METRO GROUP, Jewell worked in biotech/pharma for over 15 years in research, sales and business development for Fortune 500 entities prepping markets, and launching innovative solutions (Procter and Gamble Healthcare, Eli Lilly, Amgen). She supports various community initiatives, is the co-founder of the Food and FoodTech expert group for the German Startup Association, and the founder of the AgTech FoodTech Roundtable and Summit. Jewell is an active advisor/mentor to several startups, government entities, and accelerator programs focused food, IoT, media, SaaS, sustainability and/or health solutions. Her approach is inclusive and embraces the importance of all variables which have an impact on the future of society and global communities.

Office Hour: W Jewell Strong-Sparks

Room 1.606

Your chance to sit down with W Jewell Strong-Sparks, Global Head of Business Innovation, Scouting & Inclusion at METRO Group. Open to the general public, yet: First come, first serve! Ähnliche Beiträge

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