Vincent-Immanuel Herr

Vincent-Immanuel Herr

Activist and writer, #FreeInterrail

Vincent-Immanuel Herr is an activist and writer from Berlin. He has started and worked on a number of campaigns on youth empowerment, European integration, and social justice. He latest project, #FreeInterrail, has stirred enthusiasm and support in several EU countries and is being discussed as a policy proposal by both by the European Commission and the European Parliament.

#FreeInterrail – An idea with far-reaching impact

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An idea made its way from a dinner table in Vienna unto the desks of the European Commission in Brussels: #FreeInterrail is a proposal to provide all EU youth with free access to mobility in the form of Interrail passes when turning 18. The idea has generated wide-spread support and interest amongst EU youth and […]

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