Tom Kirschbaum

Tom Kirschbaum

Co-founder, Door2Door

Coming from a background in corporate law and banking, Tom is passionate about the prospect of being at the cutting edge of the mobility and automotive industry. With an experience of +10 years, Tom is co-founder of Door2Door – providing a holistic platform for on-demand mobility services, and being a partner of cities and transportation companies in 200 cities around the globe. Tom strives to build an encouraging and positive framework where each individual’s strengths and talents are given space to flourish. Alongside creating these conditions for creativity and opportunity, Tom is in charge of all our day to day business operations and development. Tom is spokesperson for Future Mobility at the German Startup Association and member of the Advisory Board „Young Digital Economy” at the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs.

Mobility: Evolving from a hardware to a platform business


A panel discussion on the topic of Future Mobility. Listen to representatives from Flixbus, Dreamlines and German Autolabs discuss the changes from a hardware to a platform/data business. Ähnliche Beiträge