Ralf Dümmel

Ralf Dümmel

Serial Investor, DS Produkte

Ralf Dümmel, born on 02.12.1966 in Bad Segeberg in Germany, started his career on 01.04.1988 at DS Produkte as a sales assistant to the then founder. Over the years he learned the business from the ground and took full responsibility for purchases and sales after only a year. He vastly participated in the establishment of the company and has been a partner since 1996. Today, the group has an annual turnover of ca. € 250 000 000, 400 employees, and more than 4 000 products in its portfolio. He often travels the world to visit suppliers and customers, and to find inspiration in new innovative products. Dümmel knows Asia inside out, but Northern Germany is the place he calls home. Since 2016 he takes part in the TV program „Die Höhle der Löwen“ (literally: The Lions‘ Cave, German version of Dragons‘ Den on German TV channel VOX ) where he plays one of the „lions“, looking for young entrepreneurs with brilliant products.

Ralf Dümmel is very convincing with his genuine and appreciative style. From day one, Ralf Dümmel brightened up the surroundings, thanks to his enthusiasm for business and for new products. He has a unique sense for trends and products; he can market them with more success than hardly anyone else. He proudly claims that there hardly is any household without a „DS product“ in Germany. Dümmel is often on the road for professional reasons, and when he sees that a customer adds a DS product in their shopping cart, he feels the same tingle of joy after 28 years that he felt in the early days. The 400 employees are Dümmels’s most important asset. They actively take part in the company, invest themselves in it, and help it develop further. Dümmel is very proud that the DS products are the result of such a varied cast of people and skill sets. These are people with different personalities and talents that complement each other in a cooperation shaping always innovative business and product ideas.

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