Oliver Schneider

Oliver Schneider

Co-founder, LoveWaves

Oliver Schneider is the co-founder of LoveWaves, the platform for ethical crowd-promotion. After working for 16 years in advertising and photography, he decided to give his life more purpose and founded the social business LoveWaves, together with his brother Markus. On the soon launching international platform, people and businesses get active together in order to tackle pressing global matters like hunger and the destruction of the environment. Our approach: we, the crowd, use our social networks to make innovative, sustainable businesses better known, and in return they use their advertising budgets for donations with a measurable impact once a certain number of people has been reached.

How to use crowd-promotion for global, positive social & environmental impact

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We as a species need to work together as a team to protect our planet. Are we – people and businesses – ready for this shift in consciousness and for using technlogy for the common good? Ähnliche Beiträge

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