Noel Wigdor

Noel Wigdor

Cofounder and CEO, Jaspr Trades

After over a decade of obsessing over the right way to do cash-free trade online, I quit my job at Babbel along with two colleagues to found Jaspr. Now out of Beta, Jaspr learns what skills and unneeded things you can offer for trade and what you would take in exchange for those items, then matches you with great trading partners nearby, taking the hassle out of barter.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, for more than a decade I worked as a software developer, project manager, and data engineer for startups and SMEs and hold degrees in Cognitive Science, Philosophy, and Artificial Intelligence. I love to travel (Germany is my fifth host country), eat great food, and snap photos.

Lessons learned: Advice for a young, first-time startup CEO

Room 1.101

Founding a startup is all about learning „on the job“. You can read a lot of books about entrepreneurship and starting up, but in reality a lot of things can be different and challenging. This session is about sharing of learnings, tips & tricks, pitfalls, strategies, and best practices. Ähnliche Beiträge

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