Nikolas Samios

Nikolas Samios

Chief Investment Officer, German Startups Group

Nikolas Samios is Chief Investment Officer of German Startups Group, an evergreen, stage-agnostic venture capital provider that is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. German Startups Group is the most active private VC investor in Germany since 2012 and currently has 47 active investments, including SoundCloud, Delivery Hero, Mister Spex, Auctionata, Onefootball, and many more. Nikolas is a long-standing expert for venture capital and investment management. He has supported entrepreneurs and investors in the implementation of their projects and building (corporate) venture capital companies for over 10 years. As the former CEO of Brandenburg Ventures and founder of Cooperativa Venture Services, he is deeply rooted in the German startup scene and has strong methodological and process competence in all matters related to venture capital.

What are the pros and cons of accelerator programs for startups?

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