Nicole Hietschold

Nicole Hietschold

Researcher, Lehrstuhl für Fördertechnik Materialfluss Logistik Technische Universität München

Nicole is a researcher at TUM’s Institute for Material Handling, Material Flow, Logistics (fml). She is concerned with flexible logistics concepts for technology-oriented startups. The concept should enable technology-oriented startups to consider logistics aspects early on. Previously, Nicole worked as a logistics planner for Volkswagen for two years. She uses her experience in logistic tasks, methods and solutions in the automotive industry for her research and adapts it to the requirements of technology-oriented startups. Nicole has a master’s degree in business engineering with a focus on mechanical engineering and production management.

Logistics for technology-oriented startups: How to consider logistics aspects early on

Room 1.406

Especially in the beginning most technology-oriented startups focus on technical development and financing, and ignore logistics aspects. This often leads to spontaneous responses to logistics issues and time-consuming, cost-intensive special processes. Nicole will explain and discuss the need of an early consideration of logistics aspects during the development of a technology-oriented startup. The content of […]