Max Lipsky

Max Lipsky

Senior Associate, EY Law

Max Lipsky is a Senior Associate at EY Law and part of the German Corporate Law and M&A team in Hamburg responsible as central point of contact for the EY Law start-up business. Max accomplished a Ph.D. in the legal field of international collateral securities. He has over four years of professional experience in advising clients in matters of corporate reorganization and sale and purchase of shares and business assets (M&A) as well as specific issues in the capital market. Max is focused on the digital start-up and VC industry and gained deep experience on several projects advising investors (VC and PE) as well as start-up companies.

„Negotiate with the devil“

Room 1.103

VC-Verhandlungen besser führen und verstehen. Ein erfahrender Gründer (Sascha Kellert – CEO von Get it Done) verhandelt mit einem erfolgreichen VC (Rayk Reitenbach von der IBB Bet.) und das ganz wird moderiert von einem Anwalt (Max Lipsky) von EY. Ähnliche Beiträge