Mario Patrick Schwery

Mario Patrick Schwery

Vice-Chairman, START Berlin

Mario Patrick Schwery originally from a little village in the Swiss Alps, got inspired during his studies by the Startup Spirit. He organized different leadership speeches, Startup Weekend events and entrepreneurial programs for his fellow students and later on was working 1.5 years in the Swiss Startup HELVETIQ. He is about to graduate with a double degree Master at the TU Berlin & Universiteit Twente in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. Currently Vice-Chairman of START Berlin, the entrepreneurial student association. He likes organizing events to get people inspired to follow their own dreams – founding their own company.

Why You Should Start a Business in Your Twenties

Room 1.101

Young founders will share in a panel discussion their experience and motivation for starting their business in their Twenties. Morevoer, the participants will discover in a little interactive workshop their passion and find out what kind of business they could start. Ähnliche Beiträge

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