Maren Lesche

Maren Lesche

Ecosystem Manager, etventure Startup Hub

Maren is a storyteller and communicator by heart. She loves to find stories, to tell stories and to listen to stories. Due to her fascination by new and innovative startup ideas, Maren supports several startups and women in tech in establishing strong marketing campaigns to create a successful brand and support sales. Maren is also “walking the talk”: as advisor and business development expert for Israeli eHealth startup VoiceItt, as mentor of Startupbootcamp Digital health, as community advisor for the Think Tank FRT4H (=Future for Health), as jury member of the digital health competition of Medicas App Competition as well as eHealth and ecosystem expert of etventure Startup Hub, a small team of startup experts that brings entrepreneurs and corporates together to form strategic partnerships. At etventure Startup Hub, she is also Communications Manager for several EU-funded programs such as Accelerator EuropeanPioneers, Welcome powered by Startup Europe and the IoT European Platforms Initiative. In her rare spare time, Maren loves to run, to cook, to read and to write. She also runs her own blog Maren is a Twitter and Instagram addict.

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