Jovan Stevovic

Jovan Stevovic


Jovan Stevovic is co-founder and CEO of, an application development platform that helps digital health companies to solve security and data protection issues and create secure health apps. The idea of originates from Jovan’s 5+ years’ experience in health IT industry and research at University of Trento, where he got his PhD in 2014. During his research and industry experience Jovan worked on IT technologies and protocols to facilitate health data sharing in compliance with privacy laws and security standards. Now he is putting in practice his experience into the digital health and startup environment. Currently supports startups and companies in more than 15 EU states. At StartupCamp Berlin he will talk about his experiences in growing a company in eHealth 100%-equity-free and based on public funding.

Investment Journeys: Different ways to finance your healthcare startup

Room 1.608

There is too little starter capital in Germany, especially for young founders in the early phases of starting up. German startups, particularly in the healthcare market, lag well behind the financing of their American counterparts. What are the different financial instruments available to young entrepreneurs? Ähnliche Beiträge

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