Franz Blechschmidt

Franz Blechschmidt

CCO & Founder, Smart Pricer GmbH

Franz Blechschmidt is founder and CCO of Smart Pricer.

He serves customers in professional sports, movie theaters and entertainment with demand prediction and real-time price optimization.

Before founding Smart Pricer he worked for several airlines and consulting companies in Germany in various management positions. During this time Franz developed a deep understanding of the value chain of an airline – with a special focus on commercial excellence. Franz lately worked for airberlin as a Manager Corporate Development & Strategic Projects coordinating and implementing the re-design of the pricing and product-portfolio across all commercial departments.

His passion and desire lies with in the field of innovation and developing new business models. Franz believes it is time to price smarter and make use of the power of pricing.

Above all he is an ambitious mountaineer and a competitive triathlete.

Corporates as Customers and Innovation Partners