Paul Brandenburg

Paul Brandenburg

CEO and Founder, DIPAT

Paul is CEO and majority shareholder at DIPAT. He is an MD by training and holds a PhD from Berlin\u2019s Charit\u00e9. His research on transplantation immunology has received various awards. Paul is an active specialist physician in emergency medicine and also a best selling author and publicist in the field of the German medical system. Before founding DIPAT Paul served as a senior vice president of a regional B2B internet service provider and medical manager of a US pharmaceutical market leader.

Talking Tech: What is hot in 2017 – AI, bots, IoT & smart devices, big data

Room 1.608

New technology is a primary driving force for innovation and the development of disruptive business models. Our experts will give an overview how they developed new ideas and products – from Artificial Intelligence to Big Data in health using IoT and smart devices to medical bots. Ähnliche Beiträge

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