Daria Saharova

Daria Saharova

Partner, Vito One

Daria is a partner of Vito One, where she focuses on providing seed and pre-seed funding to technology companies in Europe. Vito One is a spin off of Vito Ventures, where Daria was a part of the investment team. Prior to that, Daria was with several other European VC firms as well as a co-founder of different ventures. Daria started her career in the investment banking and holds a diploma degree in business administration from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.

Do investments in female founders outperform peers?

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Female founders are overshadowing their male peers in portfolio performance by 63%, according to a report by First Round Capital in 2016. But can German investors and founders confirm this data? What could we do to increase the number of startups founded by women? Ähnliche Beiträge