Constanze Trautwein

Constanze Trautwein

Researcher Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Borderstep Institute

Constanze is a researcher at the Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability in Berlin.
Before joining Borderstep, she has worked in several international management positions at DB Cargo AG and was last responsible for the scaling strategy of the social start-up Ackerdemia.

Her five years’ business experience has shown her that impact entrepreneurship is highly needed to secure a sustainable future and to make a real difference. Thus, she focuses her theoretical and applied research on entrepreneurial support systems as well as the early-stage financing of green start-ups (project GreenUpInvest).

Constanze holds a master’s degree in International Business from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. In her free time she occasionally works as pro bono business coach for startsocial.

The age of impact entrepreneurs – why green & social startups will be at the center of tomorrow’s economies

Room 1.607

In this interactive panel we discuss how impact driven startups tackle environmental and social issues while still building successful business models. Our three panelists from Ackerdemia, Little Sun and The Changer have either founded their own social business or work in businesses that pursue a green and social business approach. They will share their views […]

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