Andra Larin-van der Pijl

Andra Larin-van der Pijl

Manager, EY

Andra Larin-van der Pijl is working with innovative and R&D intensive companies in developing the sustainable business models, in accessing private and public funding and leveraging available tax incentives. She is part of Global R&D and Innovation Services in EMEIA Tax Centre.
After a decade of successfully consulting 10+ countries in the process of integration to the European Union, running a consulting boutique and managing the Dutch operations of a mobile app business, she is currently based in Berlin and is helping the start-ups and small companies throughout EMEIA in bringing their ideas to the market and finding the way in the labyrinth of European cash and tax measures.
She is one of the co-creators of the book ‚Business Model Generation‘, an economist and a tax lawyer, and a start-up mentor in DO School Berlin and Gamefounders Asia.

„Money for nothing“

Room 1.103

While Venture Capital Funding activity has revealed its first signs of slow-down, the importance of grants and publicly co-financed financial instruments is increasingly relevant for boosting early-stage startup scene and through that, innovation in Europe. The European and national funding landscape provides numerous non-payable as well as repayable financing options to help taking the startup […]