Alexander Piutti

Alexander Piutti

Serial entrepreneur & angel investor

Alex is all about innovation and enjoys working with creative minds, which made him a serial entrepreneur: Global Venture Partners, Overture (sold to Yahoo! for $1.6 bn), GameGenetics, Bjooli, etc. His focus is on teams and impact, to build iconic companies. His current venture is aimed at massively reducing food waste. He also enjoys acting as a sparring to blue chip executives, to transform their businesses. High school in Hong Kong, MBA Wharton and new roots in Berlin since 2006. Proud daddy & loves sports.

Successfull B2B coops with Corporates: how to win & keep a corporate – things to watch out for

„The highrollers“ – Traditional VCs

Room 1.103

Panel-Diskussion mit den traditionellen VC’s – „The highrollers“ – Was hat sich in den letzten 10 Jahren geändert? War früher alles besser? Wie stark ist der Wettbewerb mit anderen VC aus anderen Ländern oder auch aus neuen Bereichen (Family Offices, Corporate VC, operational VC’s)? Ähnliche Beiträge