YOBO makes your local surroundings more accessable

Strong and vibrant local surroundings have a massive individual and social impact on us. They improve our quality of life right where we spend our most valuable time: in our homes, workplaces and schools or mobile in our streets, districts and cities. But it is very hard to get access into local communities at those places. Either we don´t know the people around us or we just don´t have enough local information. To date, there has been no comprehensive mobile solution for real-time communication within all our local surroundings.
YOBO makes our local surroundings more accessible: Getting to know local people, sharing, helping, giving, informing, coming together no matter where we are. The hyperlocal network offers a new way to get in touch within every local community we find ourselves right now. It creates a digital local world where everyone can find local help and information, meet people around and share local inspiration. We call this “Local Singularity”. Become One and get in touch with everyone and everything around you.