ANTELOPE (Wearable Life Science GmbH)

Platform for Faster Fitness

Wearable Life Science (ANTELOPE.CLUB) has been founded in 2014. Our industry-leading team of textile and electrical engineers, software developers and distribution, marketing and PR experts has developed a sports technology platform that dramatically improves personal fitness levels in a fraction of the time as traditional equipment and gyms. ANTELOPE is the world’s first wearable workout equipment line. Unlike other wearables that only measure and monitor performance, Antelope uses medically-proven, embedded electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to provide resistance training to your muscles. Best of all, the entire system is discretely embedded in your workout gear. The ANTELOPE vision is that every person, regardless of their age or fitness level, can realize their fitness goals. With ANTELOPE’s advanced wearable workout technology, users can work out wherever and whenever they want, benefiting from the same technology as the world’s best athletes. Our award-winning innovation can replace personal trainers, fitness machines and gyms. With Antelope, the sportswear is the gym.

  • Company Address:
    Wearable Life Science GmbH
    Dr.-Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 30
    90402 Nürnberg
  • Company Contact:
    Daniel Zeibig
    +49 (0) 69 – 795 888 95
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