University students as a team. Discover, learn, study, do better together

Uniwhere is a mobile application that connects students through their data.

From day one, university students feel disoriented and lost, because university is complicated. Let alone the studies, that are already difficult per se, students face millions of issues that range from finding the accomodation to deal with the university bureacracy. The most immediate solution should be asking to their peers, but students have hundreds of classmates and no way to reach them all. Out there there are thousands of apps that connect people together, but they are too generic and prone to issues in the context of acedemy: spam, unstructured conversations, unfiltered content. Uniwhere is a wholesome platform that makes use of the huge amount of unexploited data about university students’ careers to connect and help them during their studies. By tracking students performace, habits and moods, we smartly connect them and provide them with tailored tools and opportunities.

The result is a unique mobile application available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone where students can find the right people, the right content and the right tools for dealing with their university lives: Uniwhere is exclusive, because only students can log in, structured, because conversations are divided by topic, and tailored to the students‘ needs and interests, that are very specific.

From a monetisation point, our business is in our data: we leverage our deep user profiling to provide students with opportunities. This means job calls, events‘ discounts, party tickets, accomodation, books.