Seven Security Group

On Premise DDoS Mitigation as a Service.

SEVEN SECURITY GROUP is a specialized provider of services and products for the Information Security market in Bulgaria and the region. We provide customers with a full range of information security governance, from penetration testing and vulnerability assessments through strategy and compliance, and completing the circle with the implementation and maintenance of all technical means for information security. The Service Portfolio of SEVEN SECURITY GROUP includes the protection of personal data, data leak protection, providing safe use of the Internet and the construction of the Information Security audit systems security management in accordance with the requirements of local and international standards, protection from viruses, spam and DDoS attacks and intrusions, monitoring vulnerabilities, etc.

  • Company Address:
    47 Cherni Vhar Blvd.,
    1407 Sofia
  • Company Contact:
    Jassen Christozoff
    + 359 2/ 492 5011
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