Netphase uses internet-wide security scans to identify security threats

Every internet-connected device that hosts company data or handles confidential communication poses a security risk. Monitoring the patch status and overall safety of your network is essential for preventing attacks that could bring down your entire infrastructure, cause financial trouble or even permanently damage your public image. Netphase uses a big, dynamically scalable server network to not only scan all devices connected to the Internet many times a day, but the business infrastructure of our customers in particular. We identify outdated soft- and hardware by comparing the massive amounts of metadata we collect about the servers and clients to our own exploit database, which is one of the biggest of its kind. Netphase also has the unique ability to catch data leaks early, whether they happen in your network or in an attacker’s network – even when the leak was just a result of misconfigurations of security measures. To do this, we index all content we can see on unsecured servers (metadata, images, documents, text files) and uses complex search terms consisting e.g. of file names, signatures or dates to find and track down leaks of your sensitive data. All risks are analyzed and summarized in a regular security report.

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