Improving life with better water

At mitte® we are developing a first of its kind water system that enables users to turn any water into purified and personalised water. Our smart home kitchen appliance uses a proprietary purification technology (EU patent n° EP17154125) based on distillation, which is more reliable than any other commercial option and reaches the best purification level available in the market, removing all potential contaminants including nitrates, hormones and other medical residues.
After the purification process, water is vitalised with sustainable mineral cartridges creating different types of mineral water at the user’s choice. 
Cartridges have a capacity of 50-100 liters and replace the need for inconvenient and unsustainable mineral bottled water. Pure H2O is enriched with the the user’s choice of minerals, providing the user with perfectly balanced re-mineralised water. mitte can creates waters addressing different use cases such as electrolyte water for sports, water for baby food preparation, alkaline water or antioxidant water. All ingredients are developed in partnership with one of the world’s leading natural ingredient providers and are completely sugar free.
The machine is digitally integrated and connected to a mobile app, which allows the user to track their hydration and water quality. The app also functions as a control center for machine settings and provides automatic re-ordering of consumables based on actual usage. Thus ensuring that the never runs out of healthy water.
mitte is made up of an international team from 4 continents building a first of its kind connected water machine, going to market beginning of 2018. Our first machine is the start of our journey to change water consumption globally.

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    mittemitte GmbH
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    Faebian Bastiman
    +49 15904540321
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