Intelligent prediction algorithm for industrial application

InnoSEP GmbH stands for “Innovative Solutions for Engineering and Programming” and bridges the gap between engineering and computer science.

In times of industry 4.0 or data-driven-business many companies are making increasing use of sensors for their products, components and production lines and find themselves faced with a fast growing tidal wave of data. This tidal wave of data contains genuinely valuable nuggets of information, which can be discovered through the use of cross-disciplinary processing of measured data via Big Data technologies. Our business model is based on a big data analysis model (3-level model) for measurement and sensor data in industrial and technical applications. Starting with efficient data storage and a professional system and data analysis, this model combines the signal data processing, numerical model validation and intelligent database interpretations with regard to „predictive/prescriptive analytics“ and finally the use of sophisticated machine learning algorithm.

With our tool intelligent prediction models for technical components based on sensor data and simulation are created allowing development departments or operating units of industrial companies to receive valuable assessment of expected component durability for the estimated product life. Moreover, predictions, trends, and behavioral recommendations lead to predictive maintenance and service time elongation, ensure reliable operating conditions and fully exploit the information potential of measured sensor data. The ability to utilize the potential of the valuable measurement data lead to competitive advantages for companies and provide a valuable basis for further development process optimization.