B2B Fintech startup offering currency hedging for SMEs

Forexfix is a Berlin based B2B Fintech Startup. We provide a very fast and easy online solution to manage currency risks. Our core target group are small and medium companies doing businesses internationally, for example machine-builders, hardware start-ups, or travel-agencies. These companies often have a time gap of a few months between the price agreement and the payment. Between these months, the exchange rate can significantly worsen against them. Forexfix helps these companies not to lose their margins by taking out the risks of their businesses in foreign currencies.
Our solution is super simple, our clients just needs to enter four input variables (sent/receive money, currency, amount, date) and gets instantly a concrete offer for hedging his risk. In the future, we also want to offer an ERP integration for a fully automated hedging process.
Forexfix was founded in August 2016. The founders are Robert Kröber (CEO) and Gerhard Maringer (CTO). They combine experience in banking, international business, and finance IT.
Forexfix is currently finishing the product development and for this is raising pre-seed financing from fintech enthusiastic Business Angels.

  • Company Address:
    c/o GTEC | German Technology
    Entrepreneurship Center
    Schloßplatz 1
    D-10178 Berlin
  • Company Contact:
    Robert Kröber
    +49 151 65105404
  • Website: