Cell Garden

Grow your own premium-quality superfood with sprouts and fresh greens at home easily

In today’s world, we experience increasing performance pressure and have less and less time for different things. To overcome these hurdles, we need foods that bring a health-enhancing effect on our body and mind. Sprouts, microgreens and nuts are the solution due to their high nutritional value. Nowadays, growing microgreens and sprouts in its current form takes time, skills and know-how. Therefore, the conventional way represents a barrier for many people to benefit from fresh growing sprouts and microgreens.
Our vision is a holistic valuable and clean nutrition without additives and without chemical substances for everyone. With Cell Garden products we facilitate you a healthy, fresh and organic nutrition grown at home.
We are working on a Mini-Vertical-Gardening device with a pad-system. It grows fully automated sprouts, microgreens and it soaks various seeds. We use state of the art technology for automated lighting, watering and control in combination with an App. The App enables users to create nutritional plans, gives recipe suggestions and has a remote control for the Mini-Vertical-Gardening device.
Our large variety of seed-pads gives you an advantage no one else can offer. Furthermore, our Mini-Vertical-Gardening device is the first solution that allows you to grow fully automated sprouts, microgreens and soak various seeds simultaneously. We supply delicious daily recipes, information about ideal diets and the way of life. You will get an individually tailored nutrition plan. Losing weight, gaining muscle mass or appetite for some fresh greens: Our App helps you reaching your personal goals and provides assistance towards your objectives.
Watch your food grow up and control its origin, process of growth and freshness. Live free of pesticides, contaminants and cheaply made convenience food. You can never rely on the ingredients of industrially produced food. We guarantee you absolute freshness and full control. The only food producer you can trust blindly – that’s yourself.