We know when machines fail - The Prognostics Company

We know when machines fail. Based on AI, Big Data and machine learning Cassantec has developed a prognostic solution for Predictive Maintenance that goes beyond the early warnings of predictive analytics. Our Prognostic Report provides insight into the future state of assets (when will which malfunction occur with which probability) with an explicit time horizon of typically weeks or months, in special cases years.

Our capabilities are proven through a strong and growing list of references. Among them are industry leaders from power, oil & gas, mining and transportation. All of our customers rely on Cassantec to help save cost by eliminating critical equipment-performance and process problems that remain unsolved by traditional data-collection, alarming, and (predictive) analysis tools.

The financial benefits of Cassantec’s technology are obtained through the following means:

Understand when in the future a malfunction is likely to occur
Lower maintenance cost
Higher asset availability, especially avoidance of unplanned downtime
Better planning of maintenance
Improved commercial strategies