Real-Time Financial Data Access

FinTecSystems and its product suite „accourate“ provide financial institutions such as banks, financial providers und Fintechs with real-time financial data analysis that creates an accurate overview of a consumer’s financial situation and creditworthiness. Using FinTecSystems’ technology, called the loan application process is reduced from weeks to minutes. Banks and financial services providers are able to process smart data-driven credit decisions through the analysis of the data provided by FinTecSystem’s platform, helping to minimise risk. FinTecSystems was founded 2014 in Munich and Customers of FinTecSystems include Solaris Bank (bank), Finreach (account switching services), Lendico (loans) and Deutsche Telekom (telecoms). FinTecSystems, founded by Stefan Krautkrämer Dirk Rudolf and Martin Schmid, is currently operating in Germany, Austria and Spain, more European countries will follow in the next months.